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Journey with Confidence – A Review of the Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling

Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling

There are some things you pack in your hiking bag that you never hope to use: Bear spray, emergency bivvy, first-aid kit, or pepper spray. Nonetheless, when you need them, you’re glad you have them!

Another rescue gear item you should add is the Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling. While you never hope to use it, it is an invaluable tool in an emergency situation when your dog is injured and needs to be carried back to the car.

Having your trusty sidekick on a hike is more than just bonding. A study from the Journal of Leisure Research found that hiking with dogs can lessen our fears while hiking alone. So, keep your companion in tip-top shape with a rescue dog sling!

What Is The Fido Pro Airlift?

Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling picture.

If you’ve never heard of Fido Pro, it’s time to get acquainted with this amazing company devoted to the protection and welfare of our canine companions on every outdoor adventure.

A Little History On Fido…

Fido is a name we often use to describe, in general, a dog. But do you know where that name came from? 

Fido was a real dog in Italy that a factory worker rescued from a ditch. After being nursed back to health, Fido followed his rescue human to the bus stop every morning and met him at the bus stop every evening after work.

When his human perished one day at the factory, Fido continued to wait for him at the bus stop. Every day. For fourteen years. This level of commitment and faith inspired the name Fido (Latin for faithful) and Pro (short for protection).

The Trauma That Inspired The Airlift

If you’re an avid hiker, chances are you’ve had that gut-wrenching, heart-pounding experience for one reason or another while out in the wilds. Maybe you encountered unexpected wildlife, got lost, or stayed out a little too long and had to hike in the dark.

The Fido Pro Airlift sling was inspired by such an event, where one dog parent faced the terrible prospect of potentially having to leave their injured dog while they went to get help.

Never wanting anyone else to face such a decision, Fido Pro’s Airlift was created. A dog carrying harness that can work on dogs up to 150 pounds!

The Fido Pro Airlift

The Airlift by Fido Pro is an emergency dog rescue sling used to carry large dogs in emergencies. Once the dog is hooked into the harness, it can be worn like a backpack by a human.

The Airlift comes in three sizes:

  • Medium: Fits most dogs that are 20-45 pounds.
  • Large: Fits most dogs weighing 45 – 70 pounds.
  • XLUsually fits dogs that are 70-150 pounds.

In addition to being a potentially life-saving tool, the Airlift weighs just 8oz. (9.5 for the XL) and is manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA – Colorado, to be exact! The Airlift package includes a small stuff sack for the harness and a Fido Pro sticker.

Our Experience With The Fido Pro Airlift

Pawd in the Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling front the front.

So far, we haven’t had to use our Airlift dog emergency sling (thankfully!). But it gives us so much peace of mind knowing that we have it in our backpack. And we know all dog lovers will feel the same!

If you’ve read our guide on dog hiking gear essentials, you’ll know we pack it wherever we go.

Ease Of Use

If you didn’t know, our dog is a tripod. The Fido Pro still works with tripods, but it makes things interesting when putting on the rescue harness. Imagine a dog missing a leg and injuring one of the remaining three legs. He’d be a bit wobbly!

To use the harness, you must lay it flat and place the dog’s legs into the open holes. This can be difficult when your dog is injured, but the wide holes make it much easier than it sounds.

The straps are fully adjustable, making it easy to fit different-sized humans. We found it pretty simple to strap in our puppo. Once in the sling, he didn’t move much and just hung there like a good boy.


One of the nice things about the Airlift is that the sizing doesn’t have to be exact. If you’re in the ballpark, the sling will fit your dog. Fido Pro recommends sizing up if your dog is between one of the sizes.

We bought an Airlift size large for our dog. He is a 45-50-pound medium size pit mix. The sling fits him well, if not a tad big. Both me (short, petite) and my husband (tall) could wear the sling and pick up our dog.

A larger size would have probably been too big but still functional. Measure your dog according to Fido Pro’s suggestions, and you’ll easily find the right size that fits your pup!


Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling view of the side.

The basic Airlift harness is lacking when it comes to comfort. The straps aren’t padded, and if you’re carrying a heavy dog, they can really dig into your skin.

Fido Pro offers shoulder padding accessories that can add some comfort to the rescue sling. It all depends on the preferences of the one who will be the primary carrier of the dog in an emergency situation.

As for your dog, the sling isn’t meant to be a luxurious ride. It’s similar in feel to a tarp, so it isn’t super comfortable. 

If you have a tripod like us, you can read about the best, most comfortable front leg amputee dog harnesses here!

Shipping & Customer Service

You may have the best product in the world, but your business won’t get far if it takes a month to get there and you have horrible customer service.

We were pleased with the shipping times from Fido Pro. Shipping costs depend on your zip code, and there are expedited options for last-minute gifts. A ship to southwest PA cost us about $6.50.

We haven’t had to use the customer service, but they have three ways to contact them:

  • Email (orders@fidoprotection.com)
  • Contact Form (found on the website)
  • Phone number (+1-303-736-8526)

How To Use The Fido Pro Airlift: A 5-Step Guide

When we first got our Fido Dog Airlift, we tested it to ensure we knew exactly how to use it before getting into an emergency. We found it straightforward. 

We had the most difficulty adjusting the shoulder straps, which was time-consuming but not challenging. I highly recommend trying out your Airlift before taking it in the field, so to speak.

Here’s how to use the Fido Pro Airlift Rescue Dog Sling:

Step 1: Lay it out

Start by taking the rescue sling out of the bag and laying it flat on the ground. Ensure that the “inside, front leg” label faces up. Unbuckle the shoulder straps so that the entire harness is flat on the ground.

You’ll notice the harness has four holes: two big and two small. This is where your pup’s legs will go.

Step 2: Buckle Your Dog In The Harness

It’s time to place your dog in the rescue sling. If their leg is injured, this should be done very carefully. Avoid putting pressure on the injured leg, and support your dog’s weight as much as possible.

Place their front legs in the two smaller holes and their back legs in the two larger holes. Lift the shoulder straps up and buckle them.

Step 3: Put The Shoulder Straps On Yourself

Once your dog is buckled in, it’s time to fit the rescue sling to yourself. Start by kneeling down so that your back is to your dog. Take the two shoulder straps and place them over your shoulders.

Don’t worry about adjusting the straps just yet.

Step 4: Adjust To Fit

With the shoulder straps on, slowly stand up. As you stand, pull on the hand loops to tighten the straps. 

Pull on the hand loops until your dog is in the small of your back for a proper adjustment. This is the best position to carry your dog, so ensure they are not hanging too low or positioned too high on your back. Otherwise, you risk injury to yourself.

Step 5: Final Adjustments

While standing, make any final adjustments to the shoulder straps to ensure you and your dog are comfortable. When that all feels good, buckle the chest strap to complete the harness setup.

Now you’re ready to safely carry your dog out of the wild country and back to safety. If you’re prepared for adventure with your pup, check out our friendly guide on hiking with dogs for tips, tricks, and ways to stay safe.

Here’s Why You Need A Rescue Sling

Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog Rescue Sling view from the back

Is it really necessary to have a dog rescue sling on a simple hike through the woods? Absolutely!

Even a 1-mile hike can turn into a disaster under the perfect storm. There are a few reasons why your pup might need a rescue sling:

No matter what the reason, it’s better to be prepared!

Fido Pro Versus Other Rescue Slings

The Fido Pro isn’t the only dog rescue sling on the market. Here is a comparison with some of the top rescue slings:

ProductFido Pro AirliftPack-A-PawRuff Rescue GearRock-N-Rescue SAR DogSaker K-911
Ease of UseEasyEasyEasyModerateDifficult
Weight8 – 9.5oz6.7 – 7.8 oz10 – 12 ozNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Suitability For HikingSuitable for hiking, snowshoeing or skiingSuitable for hikersSuitable for hikersSuitable for hikersSuitable for hikers if used with additional accessories
Fits All DogsFits all dogs up to 150lbsFits most dogsFits dogs 40-125 lbsFits dogs 31-40” circumferenceFits most dogs
Price (2024)$95$129$89$148$28

Compared to other dog rescue slings, the Fido Pro is about average price and can fit a wide range of dog sizes, just like the others. One thing that makes the Fido Pro stand out is its suitability for multiple outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

It’s also unique in that it can fit extra large dogs and has additional accessories to help make it a two-person job for hefty dogs.

Other Products By Fido Pro

Fido Pro is all about keeping our dogs safe while enjoying the great outdoors. In addition to the Fido Pro Airlift, they have several other rescue-related gear that can help in emergencies.

Panza Harness

The Panza Harness is a two-for-one deal. On a day-to-day basis, the Panza Harness is simply a harness. It’s built for a walk around the block or a hike through the Rocky Mountains.

However, if an emergency arises, this Fido Pro harness can be converted into a rescue sling. Located on the belly of the harness is the stored rescue harness.

The best thing about the Panza Harness is that the dog carries the rescue sling instead of you, so your backpack has more room for other goodies (your dog suggests treats). 

There are Panza Harness accessories to go with this fantastic piece of dog gear. A dry saddle bag that hooks directly onto the harness is available. Inside, you can store your dog’s food or anything that needs to stay dry.


Fido Pro offers two leashes:

  • Tag Leash ($30): Perfect for hikers who are also avid craft brew drinkers! After a hike, when you’re enjoying a beer at the pub, the tag leash is perfect for securing your dog to a table leg with the provided carabiner so you don’t have to unleash them.
  • Remi Runner Leash ($49): Designed for hands-free movement. It has a bungee on both ends to prevent jerking if your dog sprints in the wrong direction.

The Tag Leash is great for hiking and walking around town, while the Remi Runner is more geared toward hiking, running, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

You can check out Fido Pro’s harness accessories shop for more information about their leashes!

Dog Bowls

Regarding dog accessories, Fido Pro has really put some thought into adventuring with your pup. They offer two dog bowl options:

  • Taco Bowl: Named because it folds up into the shape of a taco, it is waterproof, lightweight, and small enough to fit in your back pocket. Unfolded, it can hold up to 32 oz!
  • Double Bubble Dog Bowl: The Double Bubble contains two unfoldable dog bowls, each able to hold 32 oz. The double bubble is compact and lightweight when zipped up and packed away. 

Each bowl is made from a durable material called Cordura, made of nylon. For perspective, many rock climbing slings are made of nylon, so you know it’s tough and can withstand any adventure.

Dog Seat Belt

Have you ever had a close call while driving with your dog in the car? It’s a gut-wrenching feeling, thinking about how things could have gone worse.

doggy seat belt is an easy way to keep your doggo safe while driving through rugged terrain or zipping around in city traffic. The seat belt is adjustable from 25 – 37 inches, giving you plenty of options for the back seat.

Fido doesn’t mess around – they provide a locking carabiner with the leash to ensure your pup stays put in case of a vehicular emergency. As a bonus, the one end has a loop handle that makes it easy to get your dog out of the car while safely attached to a leash.

Safety LED Dog Collar

If you’re the type of person who loves backpacking overnight in the wilderness, then you’ll enjoy the LED dog collar from Fido Pro. It has three modes: Solid light, slow flash, and rapid flash.

The collar can fit dogs with neck measurements ranging from petite 7 inches to chonky 27 inches (hey, we love those big-headed chonkers!). 

The nice part is that the collar can be trimmed like a seresto collar. This way, if your dog is small, there won’t be much extra material hanging on their necks. The dog bowls, seat belts, and LED collars are only available in the United States.

In addition to a dog bowl and harness, there are plenty of other things to bring on a hike with your dog. Check them out for a complete list!

Final Thoughts On The Fido Pro Airlift

Fido Pro Airlift with Jarrod and Pawd.

There’s no better feeling than hitting the trails with your four-legged pal. We want what’s best for them, and having the Fido Pro Airlift in your day pack is one way to show your love and care for them.

This rescue sling is one of the best on the market and can fit almost any dog size. It folds up super small and weighs under 10oz, making it the perfect addition to your emergency gear.

Overall, we’re delighted with the Fido Pro Airlift and would recommend it to any dog parent. 

Have you had a close call with your pup while hiking? Tell us your story in the comments below and how you got your dog to safety! Your story could help other pet parents keep their furry pals safe.

For more information about hiking with your dog and essential dog hiking gear, check out our blog!


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