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Lost in the Wilds Brewing: Your Post-Hiking Reward

Lost in the wild brewery

We’re stoked to share a recent adventure that combined our love for nature, hiking, and craft beer. It all went down at this incredible place we’ve been itching to tell you about: Lost in the Wilds Brewing.

We’d spotted this brewery on our way to the cabin a few times, and finally, after a day of conquering the trails at Buzzard Swamp, we decided to quench our thirst there.

So, we pulled up covered in trail dust, hearts full from a day spent soaking up the great outdoors, pulling up to Lost in the Wilds Brewery in Shippenville Pennsylvania. We were ready for some tasty brews and good vibes, and let me tell you, this place didn’t disappoint!

The wood at Lost in the Wild Brewery

Our Cozy Evening at Lost in the Wilds Brewing

Pulling up to Lost in the Wilds Brewing, we were immediately struck by the inviting atmosphere. The place was well-lit and spotless—just the kind of welcoming vibe you want after a long day of adventuring.

And with Pawdrick, our trusty three-legged canine companion, in tow, we were even more impressed when one of the friendly bartenders helped us turn on a heating lamp outside. 

It was the perfect cozy setup to kick back and enjoy some beers in the cool Pennsylvania evening. If you’re looking for a nearby hike before hitting the brewery, check out our guide on hiking Buzzard Swamp!

Buzzard Swamp Sign

Unwinding with Paws and Pints

The moment you step foot in Lost in the Wilds Brewing, you’re greeted by a tantalizing aroma that’s nothing short of olfactory bliss for any beer lover. You can tell they’re brewing something special here.

First up, we tried the Bear Fox, a 6.2% English-style brown ale. This brew had a smooth, malty backbone with low hop bitterness, ending on a sweet note with hints of brown sugar and raisin. It was like a satisfying, hearty meal in a glass.

Next, we dived into the Gingerbread Stout, a 6.5% brew that was like Christmas in a pint. It was brewed with additions of gingerbread and vanilla, lending it a silky smooth sweetness with just the right hint of holiday spice.

But the real star of the show, at least for me, was the Oatmeal Stout. Also clocking in at 6.5%, this full-bodied stout had light, sweet aromas of malt and roasted coffee. Every sip was a creamy delight with a semi-dry finish that left me wanting more. I seriously couldn’t get enough of it!

Navigating the Snack and Food Truck Scene

In terms of food, Lost in the Wilds Brewing keeps things simple. They stick to what they do best: brewing exceptional beer. So, if you plan to visit, grab a bite before you head in.

But don’t worry if you forget—they allow you to order food elsewhere and bring it inside. Sometimes, they even have a food truck parked outside.

Nearby Adventure-Friendly Pit Stops

If you’ve had a long day of adventure, you may need more than one brewery to satisfy your empty tank. Or are you ready to go somewhere with food? We’ve got you covered with a few adventure-friendly pit stops.

Clarion River Brewing

Clarion River Brewing Company, located at 600 Main Street in the heart of historic Clarion County, Pennsylvania, is a nearby pit stop. This microbrewery and restaurant brings a taste of history to the table with its handcrafted microbrews and reimagined American cuisine. 

It’s where delicious food, amazing beer, and history come together to create a truly unique experience.

Mechanistic Brewing

Next on our list is the Mechanistic Brewing Co. This family brewery is only open briefly on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Deer Creek Winery

If wine is more your speed, the Deer Creek Winery in Shippenville is a must-visit. Known for its award-winning wines and cozy atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of outdoor adventures.

Chicken Hill Distillery

Last but not least, we have Chicken Hill Distillery Cook Forest. This gem offers a range of moonshines that are as unique and adventurous as the forest itself. My favorite is the Chicken-N-Flip Flops Moonshine, but the Apple Pie Moonshine is a close second.

Looking for something else? Our guide on 32 things to do near Cook Forest has a plethora of ideas to make your day into an adventure!

A Toast to the Trails at Lost in the Wild Brewing!

Robyn enjoying a beer near the heater at Lost in the Wilds Brewing.

Our adventure at Lost in the Wilds Brewing was nothing short of epic. From the welcoming atmosphere to the unforgettable brews, this place is a true gem for any nature-loving beer enthusiast. 

And with Pawdrick by our side, we felt right at home.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. We’ve also shared some other nearby pit stops worth visiting. Pennsylvania’s got you covered whether you’re into craft beers, fine wines, or unique moonshines. Each place has its own vibe and taste, making each stop an adventure.

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination. So why not make your own road trip? Explore the trails, soak up the great outdoors, and cap off the day with some tasty brews and good vibes. Trust us, there’s nothing like a cold pint after a day of adventuring.

Join us on our adventure and share your experience if you’ve visited Lost in the Wild Brewing. Don’t miss out on our other thrilling escapades! Sign up to stay updated and be a part of our incredible journey.



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