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Gatsby was the original furbag that started it all. Known as Gats and The Great Gatsby, he was an adventure dog to be reckoned with. He hiked Mt. Evans, Square Top Mountain, James Peak, Grizzly Peak, Mount Sniktau, Ruby Peak, and countless others. His cranky demeanor was endearing, and we have such fond memories of the 8-year-old rescue dog that changed out lives forever. Rest in peace, buddy. You set us on the adventurous path.

Pet loss is tough. When we lost Gatsby to cancer in 2021, our whole world came crashing down. If you are dealing with pet loss, please consider getting some solace from Animal Rainbow Bridge. It can help you understand what to do after the loss of your beloved furry family member.

Robyn is an Author

If you didn’t know, Robyn is also an author! When she’s not writing blog posts, she’s deep in her own world writing about fantastical places, ferocious beasts, and lovable (and hateable) characters. Robyn is the author of the Plains of Reverie Series, of which books one and two are published on Amazon. Grab your copy below!

Book one cover, the Dream Walkers, Planes of Reverie

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Book two cover, the Devourer of Time, Planes of Reverie

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