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31 Gift Ideas For The Adventurous Dog Lover In Your Life

dog gift ideas

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or an anniversary, the adventurous dog lover in your life deserves a gift that fits their lifestyle.

We have 31 gift ideas for dog lovers, full of products that we ourselves would use from some of our favorite brands.

This post includes affiliate links but rest assured that we only recommend items we would use ourselves. And if you choose to make a purchase, we receive a small commission. No sponsorships, just the truth about our favorite finds.

1. Mobile Dog Gear Pet Travel Bag

Our gift guide for dog lovers starts with a travel bag! If your adventurous dog lover loves to travel with their pet, this Mobile Dog Gear travel bag is the perfect gift!

The Travel Bag contains:

  • One placemat
  • Two collapsible silicone bowls
  • Two carriers for food and treats
  • Luggage ID tag

With plenty of storage space, the Travel Bag is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

2. Dexas Popware for Pets Double Non-Skid Elevated Dog & Cat Bowls

Elevating dog food bowls helps reduce the stress on the dog’s neck and back as they feed. All dog lovers want their pups to be as healthy and comfortable as possible, so this Dexas Popware is the perfect gift.

It has two removable and collapsible bowls for easy cleaning, and the entire elevated holder collapses to a thickness of just 1/5 inch. All parts are machine washable and BPA-free.

3. Ruffwear Bivy Collapsible Bowl

All dog lovers know the importance of keeping their four-legged pals well-hydrated on outdoor adventures. Ruffwear’s Bivy Collapsible Bowl is the perfect gift for any dog parent who hikes with their pup.

The Bivy Bowl can hold 60oz and weighs just 2.96oz, making it light and packable yet large enough to keep a dog well-fed or watered on any trip. We use this on our adventures and have found it stands up to the test of time, rough travel, and our dog’s slobber.

There are a few unique designs that make this the best bowl on the market:

  • Collapsible: Fits easily into a backpack side pouch
  • Easy to clean: It’s made with single-wall construction, making it super easy to clean
  • Hang loop: Clip the bowl to the side of a backpack for easy drying.

4. FalconGuides The Essential Guide to Hiking With Dogs

If the dog lover in your life is new to an adventurous lifestyle with Fido, consider giving them the gift of guidance with Falcon Guides Essential Guide to Hiking With Dogs.

It includes essential information like trail etiquette with dogs, gear lists, and necessary commands your dog should know while hiking.

5. Ruffwear’s The Beacon Dog Safety Light

Believe me when I say that visibility is essential to most hikers with dogs. When you want to hit the summit for a sunrise hike or watch the setting sun over your favorite lake, conditions can get dark pretty quickly.

The Beacon is a dog safety light with three modes and three colors to choose from. It has a run time of 20 hours and is visible in all directions. It is rechargeable and waterproof. It’s the ultimate safety light for any adventurous dog lover!

6. Kong Hiking Bag

Looking for simple gift ideas for dog lovers? Check out the Kong Hiking Bag. It’s a hands-free way to carry all the essential gear for a dog and can be worn on the waist or over the shoulder.

And it’s Kong, so you know it’s durable, well-crafted, and built to last. The hiking bag comes with a poop bag dispenser and includes poo bags so your adventurous dog lover can keep up with their Leave No Trace values.

7. GivePet Soft Chewy Dog Training Treats

Training treats are a hiker’s best friend when distractions are around. They help reward adventurous dogs for a job well done or for listening when given a command.

Believe me, any hiker who takes their pet will LOVE this gift!

The nice thing about GivePet is that, with every purchase, they donate treats to shelter dogs. So, not only are you helping out the dog lover in your life, but you’re also helping pups stuck in the shelter!

8. KONG H2O K9 UNIT Insulated Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle & Travel Bowl

Collapsible dog bowls are great, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog bowl and water bottle all in one? That’s where the Kong H20 K9 Unit shines.

It features food-grade BPA-free stainless steel and is insulated to keep water cool on those hot summer hiking trips.

As far as gift ideas for dog lovers go, this one is a solid win! It also has a small carabiner clip that can easily attach to a backpack.

9. Ruffwear Camp Flyer

Perfect for the dog lover who loves to camp, hike, and adventure in the backcountry with their pup. The Ruffwear Camp Flyer may look like just a frisbee, but this baby also doubles as a portable food and water dish.

It’s flexible enough to be folded and stuffed into a backpack, light enough not to impede even the smallest hikers, and tough enough to last against determined chewers. It’s one of the best dog toys on the market, doubling as a feeding bowl.

10. Nite Ize NiteDog Rechargeable LED Dog Leash

If you know a dog lover who hikes overnight or even needs to walk their puppo early in the morning or late at night, a light-up dog leash is the perfect gift.

It increases visibility, which increases safety for both the dog and the human. The Nite Ize leash is rechargeable and has a solid light or flash mode, depending on preference. It has a padded handle for comfort, glows for up to 6.5 hours, and weighs just 6.6 ounces.

11. Ruffwear Knot-A-Hitch

Perfect for the dog lover who takes their pup car camping. The Knot-A-Hitch is an easy-to-use dog-hitching system for campsites that allows the dog to roam around the camp while remaining on a leash.

This is the ultimate gift for a dog lover who camps. The system can be set up between two trees or on a single post. Some of the best design features of the Knot-A-Hitch include:

  • Swivel carabiner: a swiveling carabiner helps prevent tangled leashes when the dog moves from one direction to another.
  • Easy setup: Setup is quick and easy and uses a tension system inspired by rock climbers.
  • Easy Packing: Once the camping trip is over, the Knot-A-Hitch can be stowed in its durable, weatherproof bag for easy packing.

12. Lucy & Co. The Take a Hike Dog Bandana

Looking for birthday gift ideas for dog lovers? Check out these dog bandanas! Combining style with adorable, the Lucy & Co Take a Hike Dog Bandana is one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers.

It’s simple and unique, and believe me, every dog parent loves for their pet to look their best on the trails!

The dog bandana comes in various color choices and in small and large to fit different dog sizes. As a bonus, the size small can even fit cats!

13. Dumper Cables

Okay, hear us out on this one. Every hiker who takes their dog knows they’ll eventually have to deal with a doo-doo. It’s just the way it goes on adventures.

Sure, any responsible dog owner will pick up after their dog, but then what? Just hold it for the rest of the hike? With the Dumper Cables, you can keep your hands free so you can pay more attention to your dog’s leash than the poo bag.

One end of the dumper cable attaches to the dog’s leash, while the other attaches to the filled poo bag. It works with almost any type of leash and makes adventuring with a pet a whole lot easier!

14. Highlands™ Dog Sleeping Bag

Dog gear has advanced far beyond the wooden doghouse that used to dot neighborhood yards. Now, dogs have boots, beds, and sleeping bags!

The Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag is made of water-resistant material and is insulated with synthetic down. It comes in a compression sack for easy packing.

Any dog lover who camps overnight with their dog will appreciate the gift of the Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag. A padded sleeve can fit into the sleeping bag for added insulation (sold separately) for extra cold trips.

15. EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Not all dogs do well on the car ride to the trail. That’s when a dog crate comes to the rescue. This collapsible soft-sided dog crate is a great way to transport your pup to your next adventure, and even comes with a fleece bed for extra comfort.

The crate folds down, so it is easily packed alongside your other hiking or camping gear. It’s made of polyester and hex mesh, so it’s easy to clean in case of accidents. It makes an excellent gift for dog lovers!

16. Adventure Medical Kits Trail Dog Series

Do you know a dog lover who takes their dog on extreme adventures? Consider getting them the Adventure Dog Series Medical Kit. It comes with all the essentials to treat most dog wounds while hiking.

This medical kit folds into a conveniently sized pouch that can fit any backpack. If nothing else, it gives dog lovers peace of mind knowing they can treat their dogs in the event of an accident while hiking or camping.

17. Gnawt-A-Series Toys

Ruffwear has three fantastic products for the adventurous dog lover:

  • Gnawt-A-Rock: This interactive toy can be thrown for a game of fetch or filled with treats and kibble for a fun game that will stimulate their mind.
  • Gnawt-A-Stick: For the dog lover with a water-loving dog, the Gnawt-A-Stick is an excellent fetch toy and will float in the water at an angle for easy retrieval.
  • Gnawt-A-Cone: Fill it with peanut butter, biscuits, or bananas, and watch your dog figure out how to get the treat out. Also doubles as a fetch toy.

Each toy is inspired by natural features from the company’s hometown of Bend, Oregon.

18. Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad

Know a dog lover who paddle boards? The Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad protects the paddle board from unwanted scratches but also adds support for their furry friend.

The pad can be cut to fit the shape of any paddleboard and comes with semipermanent peel and stick backing for a solid connection.

19. Mt. Bachelor Pad™ Portable Dog Bed

We pack this when hiking or rock climbing with our dog, Pawdrick. It folds up relatively small and can be clipped to the outside of a backpack, similar to a bedroll.

Ruffwear’s Mt. Bachelor Pad comes in medium and large, depending on the dog’s size. It’s made of microsuede for easy cleaning and comfort.

For those rainy hiking trips, the bottom is waterproof, locking out moisture so your pup stays dry even when conditions are wet.

Pawd laying on his Ruffwear's Mt. Bachelor Pad

20. Dirtbag™ Seat Cover

Dog lovers will rejoice with a Dirtbag Seat Cover. After a long day of hiking in wet, muddy conditions, this seat cover protects their car from muddy pawprints, drool, and the occasional accident.

The Seat Cover can be set up as a hammock or traditional cover while still giving access to seat belts to hook in adventure dogs safely. It will fit in the back of most passenger vehicles and is machine washable.

21. Stoic Storable Pet Kennel

Pet kennels take up a lot of space when packing the car for adventures. The Stoic Storable Pet Kennel folds down for easy, lightweight, compressed storage.

This nifty gift idea is fantastic for pet parents who do a lot of car camping with their furry pals.

The kennel has zippered mesh windows for comfortable airflow and plenty of pockets to stash all the pet’s needs in one convenient place.

22. DASH Express Dog Treat Maker

The DASH Express Dog Treat Maker is a fantastic gift idea for the dog lover who enjoys making their own, homemade dog treats for hiking trips.

It has non-stick plates, which makes for easy cleaning. The plates heat evenly, so there is no need to worry about burning one side and undercooking the other.

23. Custom Pet Embroidered Sweatshirt from Etsy

If you’re looking for personalized gifts for dog lovers, a custom embroidered sweatshirt is a fantastic choice. Etsy has many options, from simple designs to intricate, life-like portraits. Sweatshirts double as a warm outer layer for those cold hiking days.

The sweatshirts come in various colors and thicknesses, so you can customize them based on the pet parent’s preferences. Most also come embroidered with the pet’s name, which any pet parent will love.

These kinds of gifts are one-of-a-kind and sure to please any pet parent!

24. Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Toy

Not all adventures happen in the great outdoors. On rainy or snowy days, dog lovers need to keep their pups entertained, and the Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel is a fantastic way to do it.

It’s a squeaky dog toy, which is bound to excite any doggo, but it also contains small squirrel toys that are stuffed into the toy and must be pulled out to access.

Puzzle games like this help stimulate a dog’s mind when they can’t get physical exercise. It’s one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers who want to keep their pup happy even when they can’t go on outdoor escapades.

25. Dog Treat Gift Set from Bitch New York

If you want a gift idea for a dog lover but are unsure what to get, you can’t go wrong with a paw-load of treats! Bitch New York offers a wide variety of gift sets that are sure to please any pup and their parent.

From organic treats to gourmet delights, these gift sets come beautifully packaged and ready for gifting. They also offer customized options so you can choose specific treats.

The best part is that this company is a small business based in New York, so you can feel good about supporting locals!

26. Pet Portrait

Combining the love of their pet with an artistic twist, a pet portrait might just be the quintessential gift for an adventurous dog mom or dad.

Or, perhaps you’re looking for wedding gift ideas for dog lovers? A pet portrait is a gift they will remember for decades.

Pet portraits can be purchased from Etsy, Crown and Paw, Amazon, Purr and Mutt, and many more. There are various options, from putting their pet in an iconic scene to a simple portrait with their best friend’s name. All you need is a photo of the pet to submit.

A custom pet portrait will also be a hit at any social gathering! Who wouldn’t appreciate a professional picture of their pet hanging above the mantle?!

27. Pet ID Tag From Foggy Dog

The information on your pet’s collar or harness is essential for any adventurous dog parent. Unfortunately, most ID tags are cheaply made and need replacing every few months due to wear and tear, especially for adventurous pups!

Foggy Dog makes beautifully designed pet ID tags that are durable – and snazzy-looking too! They are customizable with the pet’s name, come in unique shapes, and some even have elegant designs.

They also have a small tag that lets people know the dog is microchipped. As a bonus, every order from Foggy Dog helps feed a shelter pet!

28. Wild One Dog Grooming Wipes

When the adventure is over, and it’s time to put Rover back in the car, a quick wipe-down with these Wild One Dog Grooming Wipes can save car interiors! If the dog lover in your life takes their pooch on muddy adventures, this is a fantastic gift idea.

The wipes are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Free of chemical detergents, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates

These are made in Canada, so you can feel good about supporting a North American business as well.

29. Memory Foam Bed From Pet Fusion

After a long day of adventuring, the couch is a hiker’s best friend. And when that hiker has a canine companion, a memory foam bed looks like comfy heaven to a dog!

The Memory Foam Bed from Pet Fusion comes in gray or brown and large, XL, and jumbo for those extra big dogs. The bed has 4 to 6 inches of memory foam, depending on the size.

The removable liner makes cleaning a breeze, and the soft twill fabric is cozy on the dog’s skin and fur. The perfect post-hike snooze bed for adventurous dogs!

30. FURME Dog Grooming Kit & Vacuum

It’s no secret that adventuring outdoors can lead to indoor messes. Whether their dog tracks mud into the house or sheds all over the car, the FURME Dog grooming kit and vacuum is a fantastic gift for adventurous dog lovers.

It comes with professional-grade grooming kits to keep their pet’s coat in tip-top shape. The kit has a super-quiet vacuum designed to pick up tough-to-get pet hair from car seats, couches, and floors.

31. Personalized Campfire Coffee Mug

Give the dog lover in your life the gift of a personalized coffee mug they can use around the campfire. There’s nothing better than being cozied up with their furry pal, listening to the crackling flames, sipping from their personalized mug, and watching the view of the stars.

Unifury makes fantastic mugs that are good for indoor or outdoor use. It depicts a campfire scene and can contain up to 5 dogs and two humans.

The dogs can be customized based on color and breed. For the pups that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, you can add wings so they can be remembered on those starry campfire nights.

Wrapping Up Our Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for animal lovers or gifts for a dog lover, this list will give you some inspiration!

If you know someone in your life who loves taking their dog on adventures, these dog lover gifts will help you choose the paw-fect present for them.

We’ve compiled this list of 31 gift ideas for dog lovers to help you find a gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday occasion, we can guarantee they will love any of these ideas!



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